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Crit E: Presentation &

           Visual Art Vocabulary

Be sure your findings are insightful and NOT superficial..

How can I do that?

When looking at the work of artists we need to consider what is 'on the canvas' and what is happening 'behind it'. Which ever artwork you are looking at, ask yourself - 'What has influenced the work of the artist? '. This will be something that you have to research to find out. Prove your statements in the CS with the research that you have done. You should be unpacking what you can see and making connections with why and how you have seen it in that way.


One way that we can explore this idea is using Blooms Taxonomy. Benjamin Bloom chaired the committee of educators who devised this structure which classified learning objectives (or ways of thinking) in terms of complexity or specificity. (You will have seen these words used repeated as your IB command terms.) The idea of this is that we look past what we can see and move our way up to the peak of the pyramid. Like climbing up a pyramid, it is supposed to be the hardest part to get to.


About your use of vocabulary..

"Subject specific language is used accurately and appropriately throughout."

The way that you use the language and talk about the artists is important. 

This website offers good phrases.



Citing Sources

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