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Crit F: HL Connections

What is the assessment criteria looking for?

At Higher Level you are required to generate an analysis and reflection on the outcomes of the comparative study investigation and on how this has influenced your own development as an artist, identifying connections between one or more of the selected works and your own art-making processes and practices.

At the highest level of achievement, the work analyzes and reflects upon the outcomes of the investigation consistently and appropriately. You need to effectively consider your own development, making informed and meaningful connections to your own art-making practice.

What does that mean?

This could be a single piece, a way of working or a way of looking at a subject. Your task is to take all of your learning and process it in your own way, for yourself as an artist. You need to show a depth of connection that 


What could that look like?


This page below is a good example of how the student has compared her work to the other artists and made connection to the artists. They have been able to divide the information in a way that makes it really easy for the examiner to see where to assign those 12 marks. 


I really like how this piece has made connections that are beyond the canvas. It is more than a superficial copy or appropriation of the work, instead it is a piece that is showing the ideas that were presented by the artist and how they connected to the ideas. The student has moved the idea of African American history and their hair (presented as a concept in the work) and produces a piece using their own ideas and vocabulary. 


I really like how the artist created this page as it shows their own connection to these pieces. It shows a connection to an experience that they had and how they want to create a piece that informs the viewer of it, or incites them to think in a certain way.


This is page shows connections to the art work that the student has produced and expands on the ideas that they have taken from the artists. 


Development of ideas, studies, and artwork to show how the work on the comparative study has influenced the student's work. You can include sketchbook pages too. Make sure that they are relevant and expand on the ideas or meet the assessment criteria.


The student has divided the page into their 3 artists and shown how they have made connections between the artists' work and their own.


Here is a good comparison and contrast of how the work has informed what the student has decided to create.


Citing Sources

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