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IGCSE Art: Year 2

For the second year of the IGCSE program, students will continue with their work on Component 1 which they should have initiated at the end their first year.  They will work on Component 1 up through the end of Term 1 of the second year.  Typically within the early weeks of Term 2 students will receive the question prompt for Component 2: Examination.  From this point  until the examination date students will spend their time working out their ideas on the selected theme in preparation for their final artwork.  The final artwork will be created under formal exam conditions.


Here is a predicted layout for the second year of the IGCSE program.


(1st half)

(2nd half)


Topics / Skills Covered

Final Coursework:

This is a continuation of the final project started in Year 10. Students will again experiment with a wide range of media and techniques, showing more confidence and making more informed choices about their uses. Students will working from their selection of artists to further develop their ideas, techniques and processes.  Students will present compositional linkage from researched images and ideas; original experiments and studies; artist influence; a final resolved artwork.

Mock Exam & Completion of 8 Supporting Sheets:

Students will sit for an 8 hour art exam which will allow them to complete their final piece of artwork from their coursework project.

Students will present their artwork on A2 sheets, carefully selecting their most successful pieces, showing the development of their project in different stages. They will analyse and evaluate all their work and include this as annotation on the sheets.


Exam Question Preparation:

Students will be given the prompt for Component 2: Exam after the mock exam. 

The prompt is referred to as a question paper, which students will select a topic from and start to explore the theme. 


Previous themes for Component 2 have included:

  • ‘Getting Ready'

  • 'Natural Forms'

  • 'Street Seller'

  • 'By the Road'

  • ‘Bully’

  • 'Success’

  • 'Acceptance’

  • 'Delicate'

  • 'Overhead and Underneath’

  • 'Surfaces’

  • 'Precious'

  • 'Through The Keyhole’

  • 'My Dream World'

  • 'Taken'

Students will build a portfolio of artwork in the same format as their Component 1: Coursework project, however Component 2 will only consist of 4 - A2 sheets as preparation for the final artwork. This will be done in approximately 3-4 months. The final artwork is to be completed under formal exam conditions within an 8 hour time period (often split between 2 days). 


All the work including the final artwork will be presented on A2 sheets of paper for a total of 5 sheets.













***Copyright and Permissions***


Secondary images:

Students may use any pictures in their coursework that come with reuse rights. Credit must be given for images that are not their own and must be referenced properly in all components.


Primary photographs:

Any photographs taken and used for coursework project of other students must be done with their consent. All students are reminded of this throughout the project. These images must only be used for the project and should not be used for any other purpose. They must not be posted on social media and should be deleted at the completion of the project.

Here are examples for Component 2.  There is

no order, just a variety of prior student work.


Citing Sources

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