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Elements of Art

What are the elements of art?

The Elements of Art are what we use to compose our artwork. They help us talk about and understand artwork.  They are essentially the nuts and bolts of any artwork - the visual tools that help an artist to communicate.

The seven most common elements include:

  • Line

  • Shape

  • Form

  • Value

  • Color

  • Texture

  • Space

We use the Elements of Art to create a composition as a whole. When used with understanding the elements create structure and unity in art. 

The Elements of Art can work independently of one another but more often than not, you will see them used and use them yourself together, as a complete set. 

Along with the Principles of Design, the Elements of Art create structure and unity in our compositions.


Below is a wonderful series of videos that offer further understanding of just how artists use the Elements to create some world-renowned and awe inspiring compositions.  At the end of each video is a list of the artists introduced.

LINE                                                   Shape

Form                                                 Value

Color                                               Texture


For more info on Space in visual art here.

6 Illusions of Space

The element of Space is special in that all artwork uses space in one way or another.  Space being the area within and around an object, our artwork cannot exist without it.

Here is a worksheet to further your understanding of

how we can create space in our compositions.

Elements of Art 


Elemental Cube 

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